Natural Gas

In 2019, Doral Renewable Energy Group founded “Taya Doral”  in partnership with Taya.
Taya-Doral Energy initiates, funds, builds and holds natural gas based small power plants thus enabling its customers significant savings in operating expenses.

These power centers are co-generation power facilities through which Taya-Doral provide its clients with cost-effective thermal energy based power. Resources for this power derive from: steam, hot water, cold water and COpending on the customer’s needs.

Taya-Doral has recently won the first of its kind tender issued by the local Electricity Authority to build several small power plants at total capacity of 15MW. These power plants will enable local industries and additional large power users to drastically reduce operation costs. The company is now preparing to further expand its activity through collaborations with leading industry players.

The discovery of natural gas along Israel’s international waters has served as an economic, green source of energy that is significantly cleaner than other fossil fuels used to generate power. As of today 70% of the power generated in Israel is based on natural gas and is primarily generated in large power plants. The distribution of natural gas along medium to large power users enable industrial, commercial, Kibbutzim and even private homes to leverage this resource for their use. Thermal energy generation centers are among the leading users of natural gas with a decentralized model of local, adaptable small facility distribution for self-usage.

Taya-Doral is a co-generation power expert and holds tight relationship with the regional Gas Authority and distribution companies. Doral brings vast experience in installation and connectivity of renewable power facilities and works closely with the local electricity authority. Each project is tailored per customers’ needs.

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Natural Gas
Natural Gas

7 Co-Generation Facilities

15MW Capacity 50MW Facilities under Development