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Doral Group

Doral Group is a leading entrepreneurial company in renewable energy that has been operating since 2007 and has been traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since June 2020. The company is active in Israel, the United States and Europe.
The company has hundreds of profit-yielding installations, and it is continuing to erect and implement many large projects that combine solar energy and energy storage. Doral’s flagship program in Indiana, USA, spreads over about 12,400 acres and is expected to generate 1,600 megawatts of clean energy. Work on the project is underway, and the first part is expected to go into commercial operation in 2023. Alongside these projects, Doral is building the first facility in Israel for the production of green hydrogen and is leading in the field with investments and long-term agreements.
Doral Energy Tech Ventures, Doral’s innovation and investment arm, invests in ventures synergistic to the company’s fields of operations and collaborates with leading researchers in academia. In 2022, Doral began supplying electricity to business and private customers as part of the reform in the electricity sector. As a supplier of green energy, Doral will provide clean energy produced in one of the company’s many solar projects throughout Israel.

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ארבעה משופטי Israeli Climate Awards, מימין: מורן חביב, מנהלת חדשנות אסטרטגית מיקרוסופט ישראל מחקר ופיתוח; שירה אטינג, Vintage Investment Partners; לורי מנוד, שותפה ב־ At One Ventures; רועי פורמן, מנכ"ל דוראל אנרג'י טק ונצ'רס (צילומים: נתנאל טוביאס, אריק סולטן, מיכה לובטון) 05/17/2023

“We deal with climate crises every day”

Ahead of the Israeli Climate Awards startup competition, several of the judges spoke to Calcalist about what they are looking for from contestants
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חולית 05/12/2023

Doral announces the raising of over NIS 1b. with Mizrahi Bank and other institutions

The financial agreement includes the raising of senior debt in the amount of approximately NIS 575 million including a set amount for equity and guarantees
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Evan Speece, Doral Renewables CFO 04/25/2023

Gigawatts of Solar and Wind Power: Hear from Doral Renewables CFO, Live From NYSE

Evan Speece, CFO of Doral Renewables, discussed the company’s $2 billion in funding from Apollo and others, its multi-gigawatt project pipeline, the state of the U.S. energy market, navigating credit cycles, public vs. private capital and much more
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כנס כלכליסט לונדון מרץ 2023 03/22/2023

Doral CEO: “Imagine all of Tel Aviv covered in solar panels”

Yaki Noyman, whose company was the first to connect a solar system to the electricity grid in Israel, explained at the Mind The Tech conference in London, that in order to reach zero carbon emissions in Israel by 2050, many innovative solutions are needed. "We are on our way to establish a green hydrogen production facility, for the first time in Israel"
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רועי פורמן כנס כלכליסט לונדון מרץ 2023 03/22/2023

Doral Energy-Tech Ventures: “We are thrilled to make investments with Saudi Arabia’s Aramco”

Roee Furman, Managing Director of Doral Energy-Tech Ventures spoke with CTech during the Mind the Tech London conference
גגות וסככות, קיבוץ בית העמק 03/08/2023

Israel authorizes bilateral PPAs

Israeli renewables developer Doral Group, meanwhile, has secured its first PPA from real estate company Melisron. The agreement will go into effect in January 2024.
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