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Green energy produced by nature

The green electricity supplier

The green electricity supplier

Doral electricity from nature

Doral, the largest and leading green electricity supplier in Israel, generates clean electricity in hundreds of its facilities and has entered into agreements for the sale of electricity and green certificates with leading customers in the sector.

The electricity sector reform has opened up the opportunity for competition to produce and supply electricity. Starting now, every consumer who has a smart meter can choose a suitable energy supplier, and as a result, also the source of the electricity supplied.

The green electricity that Doral generates and supplies reduces pollutant emissions, provides stability in the electricity sector, and helps the ESG policy and the reputation of the businesses that use it. Businesses that invest in the future – use renewable energy. Join the lineup of leading businesses that have chosen Doral’s green electricity.

Doral is a global innovator, the pioneer of solar energy in Israel. Alongside its global operations, the company operates hundreds of connected projects across the country that produce clean and green electricity, and it also has facilities with the largest volume storage systems in the Israeli sector. As a result, the company will produce and supply the largest amount of green electricity to significant consumers in the Israeli sector.

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