Group 76

Doral's People

Values that guide us

Building human capital, investing in the community, and creating stable partnerships

In order to develop and grow its human capital, Doral offers its employees a fair and equitable work environment, maintaining productive working relationships, and ensuring constant communication between them and the company’s management.

We believe that a successful company should be caring, collaborative, and actively engaged in social action, which is why Doral also invests in the community through environmental development and local community investment. The employees are Doral’s main asset, and we provide them with a fair and equal work environment, as well as opportunities for career advancement.

Management considers Human Capital a main asset of the company and views its preservation and development as of utmost importance. Our company values professional, dedicated and motivated employees who are aligned with our green and sustainable vision. In order to accomplish our vision, the company creates an environment that is flexible, pleasant, supportive, educational, and facts-based.

האנשים של דוראל

The Team

דורי דודוביץ

Dori Davidovitz

Founder and Active Chairman
יקי נוימן

Yaki Noyman

יוני חנציס

Yoni Hantis

Deputy CEO at Doral Group
מתן ברזילי

Matan Barzilai

שמעון מסיקה

Shimon Msika

VP, Business Development
מיכל וייס-נבון

Michal Weiss-Navon

VP of Investor Relations & Legal Corporate Secretary
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Gali Radia

HR Director
ירדן יצחקי

Yarden Ytzhaki

Chief Engineering & Technology Officer
קובי צמח

Yaacov Tsemach

Co-Founder & CEO at Doral Environmental Infrastructures
רועי פורמן

Roee Furman

Managing Director of Doral Energy-Tech Ventures
אביטל אופק

Avital Ofek

Head of doral energy Israel
דני רינות

Dani Rinot

VP Business Development - North America
ערן פליסקין

Eran Pliskine

Head of Business Development - Europe

Ofer Stavi

VP of Strategy and Development - Israelt
ים אפרתי

Yam Efrati

Managing Director Doral Hydrogen
רוני ברנדס

Roni Brandes

Senior Director Projects and Procurement

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