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The Doral Group is a leading global company in the field of renewable energy. It was founded in 2007 and has been trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since June 2020.
Doral is always one step ahead: Aside from developing the first solar project in Israel 15 years ago, Doral has also built the first energy storage facility in Israel, the first solar plus/+ storage/ solar combined with Storage project in Israel, and the first agrivoltaic project in Israel. Doral is also building the first facility in Israel to produce green hydrogen, leading in this field with long-term investments.

One of the most prominent projects of the Doral Group is the Mammoth Solar project, the largest in the USA, built on 13,000 acres by the American subsidiary of Doral and expected to generate about 1.6 GW (DC) of green electricity.

As part of the reform in the electricity market in 2022, Doral began supplying electricity directly to consumers. The company contracted with leading companies to supply them with clean electricity from Doral’s many solar+storage projects across the country starting next year. In Israel, Doral has the largest pipeline of solar projects combined with energy storage, positioning it as the premier green electricity provider.

As a company that champions innovation and entrepreneurship, Doral founded Doral Energy-Tech Ventures, an innovation and investment arm that invests in ventures synergistic to the company’s fields of activity and collaborates with leading academic researchers.

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Doral Energy established

First solar facility built in Kibbutz Yotvata

The Doral Group listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange 

Establishment of Doral Energy-Tech Ventures – the technology, innovation and investment arm of the Doral Group

The first agro-voltaic pilot in Kibbutz Ayelet HaShahar

The first storage facility in Kibbutz Ma’ale Gilboa

Indiana project launch in the USA

Establishment of the first green hydrogen facility in Israel

Launch of Israel’s first solar energy and energy storage project

Launch of Israel’s first agro-voltaic project

Putting the people first

Human capital at the forefront

In the early 2000s, climate change began to be broadly accepted as a threat to society and the earth. In 2007 we realized we could do something better, so we founded Doral.

The company focuses on promoting renewable energy deployment and usage in Israel and globally. We chose to work with excellent professionals who share our vision and want to improve the energy market and the world at large. We consider our suppliers to be partners and believe they make a significant contribution to our success.

Today Doral builds facilities to produce electricity from renewable resources and continues to be committed to the energy transition and fighting global warming.

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