Energy storage

Renewable energy generation is the cleanest electricity generation, which saves pollution and nowadays is the cheapest source of energy available in Israel.

Alongside these advantages, and in view of the total dependence on the amount of radiation during light hours, we expect a combination of energy storage facilities.

The energy storage industry is one of the significant growth engines in the market and Doral is working to realize its potential in the projects it is developing.

In recent years,huge budgetshave been invested in research and development of diverse storage technologies. These are expected to integrate naturally into renewable energy power generation systems, thereby enabling renewable energy production facilities to be similar in terms of availability, to conventional production facilities.

The Company’s activities to realize the storage potential contain 3 main areas:

  • Renewable energy facilities including storage.
  • “Behind the meter” storage facilities.
  • Frequency regulation facilities.

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Energy storage
"Solar + Accumulation"

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Frequency Regulation

Supports System Management in Stabilizing the Network


The Meter

Energy storage