Environmental Infrastructures

The increasing of Global population along with the growth of the global economy has drastically increased the waste production, particularly solid and organic waste. The need for waste treatment solutions is a huge market’s potential of Billion-Dollar market. Considering the continual growth of global waste along with development of compliance regulations, the need for end-point waste treatment and environmental healthcare solutions are on the upward trend.

Doral Infrastructures faces these challenges head-on with innovative renewable solutions by initiating projects and collaborating with world technology leaders.

We are involved with initiating, funding, developing, building, and operating end-point solutions for wastewater and solid waste treatment.Doral Infrastructures is initiating “Waste to Energy” projects such as bio-gas anaerobic digestion facilities for organic waste treatment and power generation.

We believe in entrepreneurship and partnerships.

Among our unique added values is our vast regulatory experience and knowhow in advancing projects. This enables us to provide our partners the confidence, experience, expertise and management skills required to carry out complicated projects in both; clean energy and green environment.

Currently we are developing multiple bio-gas projects totaling 10MW capacity with over 150 Million ILS investment. Doral Infrastructures is at the forefront of global development trends and is in constant collaboration with world technology leaders.

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Environmental Infrastructures
Maale Gilboa

Biogas Maale Gilboa

Capacity: 630kW


Biogas Lahav

Capacity: 630kW

Hadera Paper

Biogas Hadera Paper

Capacity: 2MW


Energy of development

Local treatment of livestock waste at dairies, pigs, and chicken farms



Innovative Technology Treatment of Organic Waste
Paulee Cleantech Ltd.

Environmental Infrastructures

Innovative Technology Treatment of Organic Waste Paulee Cleantech Ltd.

Recently, Doral Renewable Energy Group has completed in partnership with Doral Environmental Infrastructures an investment in Paulee Cleantech, a privately owned, start-up company, which developed a revolutionary technology that converts any organic disposal into qualified fertilizers in a short and quick process at the production site without the need of mobilizing the organic waste and the fertilizers


The product is a mineral organic fertilizer with no odor, environmentally friendly and is approved as fertilizer to enrich a variety of agricultural crops.

The company is at advanced development stage of several unique applications with a proven competitive edge in relevant markets, each with an estimated revenue potential of Billions of Dollars:

  • Treatment of accumulated sludge at sewage and waste water treatment facilities (STP).
  • Local treatment of livestock disposals at dairy farms and slaughterhouses.
  • Pet solution caters for the immediate needs of pets (cats and dogs)
  • End point solutions for high rise buildings as an alternative for regional solutions.

The technology is innovative, and patent protected and provides sustainable end-point solutions for treatment of organic waste deriving from humans, livestock and pets.

The process is efficient, cost-effective, modular and can be implemented anywhere and on any surface.  The comfort and relevant simplicity of the solutions are a breakthrough in organic waste treatment.

The company is globally active including regions such as Brazil, USA, China, Europe and is currently at a development point of penetrating additional markets as a significant player in the organic waste treatment in all its forms.

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Innovative Technology Treatment of Organic Waste Paulee Cleantech Ltd.